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  • Solar power (PV) system...installed at Rotary Club of Nagpur Ishanya on 1/07/2022

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  • World physiotherapy day 2022 being celebrated at NARCAOOD center on 8 September 2022

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  • IAPWC NAGPUR DISTRICT , organised "Physiothon" 2022", walkathon for Physiotherapists to mark the occasion of "WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY", appealing to all Physical rehabilitation community to come together and create awareness of role of Physiotherapists in management and prevention of Osteoarthritis.

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Master in Physiotherapy (M.Ph.T)

NARCAOOD was the only institute Affilated to RTMNU Nagpur which Offered Master in Physiotherapy(M.Ph.T) by Thesis, only of it's kind in central India during the period 1990-2006.

Student Name Guide Year Topic
Dr.Manisha Deshpande Dr. B.L.Golhar 1996 Significance of TENS in post
surgical cases.
Dr. Neeta Bhave Dr. B.L. Golhar 1997 Role of Physical Exercise in diabetes Mellitus.
Dr. Sushama Mahajan Dr. B.L.Golhar 1997 Mobilization of shoulder joint of Upper Extremity
By Natural movement A modern Approach.
Dr. Simma Vishnu Naidu Dr. S.C.Mahajan 2002 Effect of Interferential Therapy and Cryotherapy
on Painful Shoulder
Dr. K.Sanil Dr. M.G.Deshpande 2003 Role of Scapular Taping and auto Stretching
in traumatic and nontraumatic Lesions of the
shoulder joint.
Dr. Vaishali Dahake Dr. P. N.Nandurkar 2003 Comparative study of physiotherapy modalities
in cervical syndrome
Dr. Sumedha Gosavi Dr. S.C. Mahajan 2004 Efficacy of Neuro Developmental Techniques
using “Swiss Ball” in spastic cerebral palsy.
Dr. Vaishali Rahate Dr. S.C.Mahajan 2004 Role of Exercises in obesity
Dr. Shilpa Shende Dr. M.G.Deshpande 2005 Effect of graded Exercises on Pulmonary
Functions in low Activity Subjects.
Dr. Priyamvada Parnjape Dr. S.C.Mahajan 2005 “Functional Re-education in Low Back pain
A Preventive and curative Aspect”.
Dr. Alpana Muley Dr.(Mrs) Neeta Bhave 2006 Efficacy of Exercise and Splintage in Stiff Hand.
Dr. Priya Khati Dr. P.N. Nadurkar 2007 Comparative study of Effects of ischaemic pressure stretching over TENS & active Exercises in cases of myofascial trigger points in trepizius muscle.
Dr. Jayshree Shukla Dr. S.C. Mahajan 2008 Effect of bagging and purcussion total static compliance of respiratory system.
Dr. Janki Natrajan Dr. P.L. Golhar 2007 Comparative study of short Wave diathermy & pulse diathermy in Osteoarthritis of knee
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